Florentine Pastry Shop

SINCE 1928

The Florentine Pastry shop has been making Italian cakes and specialties in Utica New York since 1926.

Frequently asked questions with Marty.

"Do you ship your products?"  - Sammy -  At this time we do not ship any of our products.

"Are you affiliated with the Cafe Florentine in New Hartford?" - BJ  -  We do not own the Cafe Florentine in New Hartford, but we do sell them some of our products.

"When I come in later in the afternoon, the Spogitoozies are usually gone." - Frankie - Not a question, but I'm here to help. The "Sfogliatelle", are a very popular item and tend to sell out in the morning. Fun fact - Sfogliatelle take 3 days to make.

"Why don't you guys tie the boxes with string any more like you used to?" - Paige - Tying the boxes with string is something of a lost art, like hand writing letters or cursive.

"How many calories are in one of your chocolate pusties?" - Hank - Good question Hank. We don't know. Probably a lot.

"Where do Bones cookies get their name from?" - Luke - I believe the full name of these cookies are "Bones of the Dead" or "Ossa di Morto" in Italian. The recipe can vary wildly, some are almond based, some are spiced, some are shaped like bones. Ours our chocolatey with almonds. When the dough is made it is formed into a log shape and sliced, making the almonds look like bones in the dirt. Spooky. But delicious.

"Why are you closed on Tuesdays?" - Willa - Back in the old days before supermarkets, people would usually do their shopping on Monday nights. They would park their giant cars on the street downtown and walk to the butcher, the dairy, the grocer, the haberdasher etc, passing fruit vendors, penny arcades and kids in newsie hats playing stickball, I assume. All while wearing dapper suits and fancy hats. We would stay open on mondays to accommodate these discerning shoppers.

"How do I tell the different "Pusties" apart?" - Jordynn - Pasticciotti have unique tops as an indicator. Chocolate are plain, Vanilla have a dot, Lemon have a stripe, Raspberry have 2 dots, Apple have a crumb topping, Coconut have shredded coconut on top and Pumpkin have a pumpkin shape on top that turns into a shapeless blob after it gets baked.